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If you have a non emergency question that we have not answered below, please feel free to give us a call and we will try and help you. If your question is regarding your coverage, please call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover the cost of an ambulance trip?
  • Every plan is different. Check with your insurance carrier.
How long does it take to get to the hospital?
  • Closest hospitals are Antigo and Oconto Falls.  (45-60 minutes) Situation and weather can affect transport times.  Most patients will be transported via ambulance, however we do have the ability to transport via helicopter when necessary. 
How do I know if you are “in network” for my insurance plan?
  • We do not work with individual networks. At this time, Medicaid and Medicare payment is accepted however you may be responsible for co-pay. Employer paid insurance or other plans, you will need to check with your insurance carrier to verify what they cover.
I  didn’t go to the hospital. Why did I get a bill?

  • If we are dispatched through the 911 system, and no transport is needed or it is refused, we bill a non transport fee. This helps to offset our costs to pay people responding as well as the ambulance leaving the garage.

What if I want to be transported to a hospital in Green Bay, Appleton or Wausau?

  • While this can be done, it may cost you more and will take longer.   

  • Check with your insurance to see if they will cover any distance.  Every medical condition and insurance is different.


  • In all cases, If we feel you need additional medical care Paramedic intercepts are available but may incur additional expense.

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